7 Beauty Essentials To Bring To A Music Festival

Got a music festival lined up in your summer agenda? While it’s a given that you won’t leave the house without your mobile phone, camera, and wallet, there are certain items you might overlook but are actually pretty necessary. We’re talking beauty products that ensure you stay fresh and protected under the heat of the sun. Here are the ones you should definitely leave space for in your bag:

  1. Sunblock
    30 minutes before heading out, apply sunblock all over your body (and we mean all over—now’s not the time to scrimp on product!). And because your first application is only good for two hours (less, if you sweat), reapply constantly throughout the day even when it’s gloomy out. You should also reach for a broad spectrum sunblock that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays—the former is what damages and ages your skin while the latter is what burns it. 카지노사이트
  2. Lip Balm
    Keep lips moist, plump, and selfie-ready by slicking on lip balm. Needless to say, you NEED one with SPF!
  3. Cleansing Wipes
    A faucet with clean running water might not be easily accessible, so make sure you have a stash of cleansing wipes in your bag. Use these babies to wipe down your hands before you eat, to freshen up after a particularly sweaty set, and to clean your feet of all the accumulated dirt your sandals didn’t quite keep out. 안전한카지노사이트
  4. Fragrance
    You’re outdoors, you’re sweating, and you’re surrounded by a crush of similarly sweaty people. That’s a recipe for unpleasant smells, if you ask us. Combat funky odor by spritzing a light cologne, and leave a fresh scent in your wake!
  5. All-in-one Makeup Stick
    Because lugging your super heavy makeup kit is not an option, a multi-purpose makeup stick (or pot or wand) is your best bet. Go for a flattering and wearable hue you can dab on your lips, on the apples of your cheeks, and even over your lids for a sheer wash of color.
  6. Face Mist
    TBH, face mist is like miracle in a bottle. A few spritzes is all you need to hydrate dry, parched skin, so you’ll be fresh-faced and ready to go in time for the next band! 카지노사이트 추천
  7. Dry Shampoo
    You won’t want to look back on your photos from the event and see gross, greasy strands framing your face. When sun and sweat do a wonderful job of leaving your scalp oily, turn to dry shampoo to make everything right.

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