How to Get a Health Insurance in the Philippines

ealth and medical costs grow by about 8 percent every year. In 2017, the Philippines’ health expenditure reached about P684 billion.

Of this amount, P373 billion was paid by patients out of their pockets.

Only 20 percent was covered by the government (both local and national), 17 percent was covered by PhilHealth, 5 percent was covered by HMOs or Health Maintenance Organizations, 2 percent by private health insurance, and 2 percent by other means. 카지노사이트

With the cost of treatment for serious illnesses like cancer and stroke rising, it’s a wonder why health insurance is not considered a priority in most Filipino households.

One of the reasons may be the lack of information about health insurance and its benefits.

Well, this article will tell you the basics that you need to know about health insurance, including a list of the top health insurance companies in the country and how you can get coverage.

What is Health Insurance?
According to Investopedia, health insurance is an insurance coverage type that is specifically for the coverage of medical or surgical expenses of the insured.

It can either pay the hospital directly or reimburse the insured for their expenses. Health insurance is usually part of the benefit packages offered by companies to their employees.

What is the Difference Between Health Insurance, PhilHealth, and HMO?
There are three types of medical insurance in the Philippines that you can choose from.

Let’s take a look at what each offers and what their differences are. 안전한카지노사이트

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth is a government-run insurance provider. Compared to private providers, this type of insurance is more affordable.

PhilHealth has an established insurance program that provides financial assistance to Filipino citizens who are employed or otherwise, and in need of medical attention or surgery.

If you are an employee, half of your monthly contribution will be shouldered by your employer and the other half will be deducted from your salary.

Senior citizens aged 60 and over are automatically covered by PhilHealth, and recently, the Republic Act 11228 has been passed, which means Persons with Disabilities in the country will also receive special benefits from PhilHealth.

How much financial assistance will you get as a PhilHealth member? It depends on the illness or medical condition.

HMO or Health Maintenance Organizations are private organizations providing healthcare insurance to members.

Their difference from private health insurance is that they have a network of doctors and healthcare providers. Their members can only avail of the benefits from those within that network.

The plans that are offered by HMOs are often customizable but there is usually a limit to how much financial assistance you can get in a year. The higher the premium you are paying, the bigger your annual allowance will be, too.

There are several HMO providers in the country but the most popular ones are Maxicare and MediCard. HMO membership is usually provided by private companies to their employees on top of their PhilHealth contribution.

Health Insurance
Unlike HMOs that offer access to a limited network of healthcare providers, private health insurance companies offer access to a more extensive network.

It is not that common for companies to offer this type of insurance as a part of their benefits package, although there are a few that do.

Private health insurance premiums can be a little pricey. They are fully paid for by individuals voluntarily if they want to be insured. 카지노사이트 추천

If you want your family members to be covered, that would be at an additional cost. Note that this only applies to immediate family members.

These private health insurance companies are comparable to international ones and some of their policies still apply even when the insured member is out of the country.

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