How You Can Become a Twitch Streamer

When it launched in 2011, Twitch was initially envisioned as a streaming platform for gaming. A way for gamers to stream their play and for others to watch it. People could watch their friends play video games from afar; or watch well-known, professional gamers battle the computer or other pros.

More than that, a Twitch stream could, for its creator, become a way of monetizing content through a tier of subscriptions. Others could make money on Twitch by creating emotes—emoticons that, much like emojis, could be used in the comment section of a live stream. 카지노사이트

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic boosted the platform’s popularity, Twitch has already outgrown its original vision of being just a live stream platform for gaming. Twitch has become a platform for anyone looking to livestream and monetize content.

It’s worth noting that Twitch recently experienced somewhat of a copyright crisis when many popular streamers were hit with copyright claims and DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notices.

This is why if you’re looking to become a streamer, it’s a good idea to use licensed, royalty-free music for Twitch streams from Artlist. You can proactively prevent anything like this from happening to you, and rest easy that your archive of Twitch streams won’t be deleted.

Regardless of this latest mess, the Twitch creator community has expanded beyond gamers, with ‘Just Chatting’ becoming one of the most popular streaming categories on the site. ‘Just Chatting’ is an eclectic group of streamers who do just that—chat—as well as livestream their daily activity. Beyond chatting, there are also vibrant music and live stream comedy communities on Twitch. And if someone wants to live stream dance performances, plays, baking classes, or arts and crafting, then it’s entirely possible to do just that. 안전한카지노사이트

Indeed, if the content fits the live-stream format well, it will find an audience. That’s why musicians and comedians have also turned to the Amazon-owned platform. All these types of creators can monetize their creations.

How Twitch Works
Like many social media platforms, Twitch is ultimately a medium for cultivating an audience that is active and engaged. In this case, the social medium is livestreaming.

When a gamer, a musician or some other type of creator sets up a Twitch feed, they are creating a channel for their live content. Somewhat like YouTube, when an audience tunes into a Twitch creator’s channel, they see a screen with whatever type of content is being offered. So, if the Twitch creator is a musician, their live content will be visible to whatever audience members are tuning in.

As noted above, Twitch audiences can respond in real-time through comments and emotes. And for anyone who wants to monetize their livestream content, creators can create various types of subscriptions (more on this below). And, again, other creators can monetize their emotes.

Essential Gear
Becoming a Twitch streamer is similar to becoming a YouTuber: you need the right gear. The good news is that you can obtain much of this gear on a budget.

First, streamers will need a computer or, at the very least, a smartphone. Gamers who livestream on Twitch typically use powerful gaming laptops and desktops, but musicians and other streamers really don’t need a computer packed with the best specifications. If a tight budget is a necessity, there are some good-quality PC laptops and desktop options, and aspiring Twitch streamers can always look for refurbished Macs at reasonable prices. Not interested in going the computer route, use a smartphone—just make sure it can handle live streaming.

Next, invest in some decent audio-video hardware. Start with a quality webcam that will deliver a crisp and clean image to viewers. A nice microphone is also a smart idea for any streamer since bad audio, especially on broadcasts, is a big distraction for viewers.

Now comes the stage of choosing a streaming service. The two most popular ones are Open Broadcasting System (OBS) and Xsplit. Soon, Twitch will offer Twitch Studio, a streaming service that is currently in beta.

Setting Up a Twitch Stream
If you are already thinking of becoming a Twitch creator, you probably already have an idea of what you want to stream. In setting up a Twitch account, musicians and other creators essentially build a hub for their live streaming community. To make sure their personality and brand stand out, creators can customize their stream with design on the Channel Page. 카지노사이트 추천

To start, creators should fill out their Profile Settings. Like any other social media, this includes a description of the channel, profile picture, profile banner, bio, username, and a display name. On the Channel Page, creators can set a cover image, which is a banner that is seen by your audience when tuning in for a live stream. A Channel Info Bar allows Twitch creators to give viewers information, like the streaming schedule, archived videos, and a chat room.

Twitch creators can also customize their twitch stream with Panels, which are graphics that organize information, both for the creators themselves and their audiences.

Outside of a Twitch stream’s design, creators can also have specific Moderation settings to help control online harassment and trolling. Other behind-the-scenes Account Settings allow creators to set up notifications, security and privacy features and other customizable filters.

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