The 5 best Valorant streamers you should be watching right now

Valorant has quickly become a fan-favorite title in the first-person shooter community because it has so much to offer. The excitement of winning a clutch round while your teammates watch in awe always feels exhilarating.

Thousands of viewers tune in to the best Valorant streamers for this very same reason — they want to witness unbelievable plays that send their hearts racing… and big whiffs.

Watching how the best Valorant streamers react to these highs and lows that happen in the heat of the moment is incredibly entertaining, especially when they discuss their plays with chat, which makes them feel they’re part of the broadcast too. 카지노사이트

With that, we’ve listed five streamers Valorant fans would enjoy watching and what makes them different from the rest of the talented gamers on Twitch.

The 5 Best Valorant streamers

  1. Kyedae

Kyedae Shymko is a content creator for 100 Thieves. At present, she has amassed 1.4 million followers on Twitch, where she regularly streams her games and watch parties. She’s the type of streamer who says what’s on her mind, and her viewers appreciate the fact that she doesn’t shy away from discussions.

The popular streamer even mentioned that her boyfriend Tyson “TenZ” Ngo’s powerhouse Valorant squad Sentinels needed to make a roster change during Stage 1 of the 2022 VCT season.

As a Valorant player, Kyedae is grinding her way up the ranks and is working towards reaching the immortal rank so that she can duo with TenZ.

She offers a wide variety of content to her viewers, which includes a cooking stream with TenZ where they teach viewers how to make their favorite dishes.

  1. ShahZaM

Being the in-game leader of a thriving Valorant roster isn’t easy. Studying the competition and practicing with the team can be daunting, but Sentinels’ Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan still finds a way to regularly stream for his 1.4 million followers on Twitch. 안전한카지노사이트

Despite receiving criticism from fellow pros like OpTic Gaming’s Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker for not practicing as frequently, Sentinels is still a top team in the North American region. ShahZaM explained that he chooses to spend his break streaming because he has a lot of fun playing ranked, where he often duos with his girlfriend, Yoona, in Immortal and Radiant ranked lobbies.

ShahZaM knows all the top names in the competitive FPS scene as a former CS:GO pro who switched to Valorant when the game was released. Viewers flock to his stream to learn from a savy veteran who knows how to make impactful calls, which he’s known for as Sentinels’ in-game leader.

Fans truly appreciate ShahZaM’s fun personality and his one of a kind laugh.

  1. Sinatraa

The former Sentinels Valorant player has found success in being a full-time content creator. Since being suspended by Riot Games, Jay “Sinatraa” Won returned to streaming Valorant.

Considered as one of the best Valorant players in the world, especially during the early stages of Valorant esports, Sinatraa has amassed 1.4 million followers on Twitch.

His fans particularly enjoy watching his aggressive plays on Raze, and the shrewd mindset he applies on Sova.

He is also best known for challenging the young up-and-coming players in the North American region. Sinatraa plays with supreme confidence, which is why he refuses to filter himself when playing against the top players in his server.

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  1. TenZ

Aside from being a top Valorant pro player for Sentinels, TenZ is also one of the best Valorant streamers today. Fans enjoy watching TenZ destroy his opponents with his insane aim that often leaves his 2.4 million followers in awe.

Watching TenZ play Valorant so effortlessly is surreal at times. Despite consistently changing his mouse sensitivity, TenZ maintains his pixel-perfect accuracy, which is something we can only witness on his streams.

When TenZ isn’t playing Valorant, he discusses his favorite anime with his viewers. TenZ even created his own anime tier list showcasing his top 20 shows. 카지노사이트 추천

  1. Tarik

This former CS:GO pro quickly became one of the best Valorant streamers in the world through hard work, dedication, and a wicked sense of humor. Tarik Celic earned the nickname “Content King” because he always produces the best memes.

Tarik streams 9 to 12 hours per session and often plays with other popular streamers, like Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Ludwig Anders Ahgren. He also hosts VCT watch parties with personalities like 100 Thieves’ CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag.

He has been known to play with Valorant pro players too, such as Cloud9’s Erick “Xeppaa” Bach, while chasing after the top spot in the North American Valorant leaderboard.

Tarik dedicated himself to becoming a full-time content creator when he stepped away from CS:GO on January 5, 2022. Since then, he has gained 1.5 million followers on Twitch where he entertains his fans with his hilarious antics.

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